Our Herb Society email newsletter

The first Herb Society newsletter went out recently

All about the herb samphire

The herb samphire grows wild near Nicky Westwood’s house in Jersey. Nicky has been associated with the Herb Society for many years, and was the administrator for some time. She is now writer of our occasional e-newsletter, which is intended to be delivered in between issues of Herbs magazine. Sample the first newsletter here with a samphire recipe:  herb society newsletter 1.

Herb Society writer Nicky Westwood


The newsletter is currently restricted to members only, and the first edition went out to all Herb Society members who had provided their email address when joining.

Sign up for future issues

If you are a member who has not received a newsletter, do check with Elaine in the office at info@herbsociety.org.uk to make sure we have your current email address, and make sure you add us to your safe senders list so future mailings don’t get trapped in your spam filter!

If you are not a member and would like to join or find out more about the benefits of membership, please download our new Herb Society Leaflet, which has membership rates and an application form.

More about Nicky

“My favourite place in Jersey is the ancestral home (three generations, anyway!), right on Pontac bay, with a Martello tower at either end of the bay, and also one out to sea.  This is where I came on holiday as a child, running around building sand castles on the beach and teaching myself to swim in the shallows.  Sea lavender and see spinach grow wild in the garden – when allowed!”

seaside herb garden

The view from Nicky’s garden

high winds march garden

The weather can sometimes be a challenge

jersey beach

Glorious sandy beaches near Nicky’s house


We are looking forward to hearing more about Nicky’s herbs in the next issue!


*By the way, we hope you like our new logo! This is the precursor to a fantastic new and easy to use main website which is in the final stages of construction.



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